Why Give Financial Advisers And Fund Managers Your Money?

A lot of times in New York City I am just bored on Saturday. I hate spending so much money on Lincoln Center operas and Off Broadway shows just to fill my gap of boredom. Instead of spending money, I always enjoy window shopping for stuff I can not afford anyways. So, I walk up Madison Avenue to Barneys and do my window shopping. The rule in the upscale department store is: if you ask how much, you can not afford it.

So, I go looking and browsing at 3,000 dollar suits and 10,000 dollars and up in watches and jewelry. I always see the personal shoppers busy with clients wearing fur coats, Gucci sunglasses, and carrying there little poodle that is so small I can mistake for a Coney Island Nathan’s hotdog. The upper class woman gives the American Express card and charges her $ 10,000 purchase to it.

So, I sit and I am wondering if the woman is ever going to wear her 4 new dresses. Does she even like the color? Or does she just a shopaholic that just loves spending money? I never understood why a person would rely on a total stranger to do the shopping for them. I prefer the experience of trying the clothes on and the adventure of the shopping fun.

Then it pondered on me when standing on the 6th floor waiting to go down. Like a lightning flash in the dark sky, I got the idea that all Americans in all three classes use these “personal shoppers” all the time and they do not even know it. No, not all Americans wear $ 4,000 dresses and suits. But, they all do invest in pensions regardless of their careers or standard of living. Just about everyone today has a 401 k or traditional IRA.

We go to the bank and speak to our financial advisers so they can open a pension for us. We rely on their wisdom to find the best place to invest our money. But, we as everyday Americans can not ponder the thought that financial professionals are only interested in getting management fees from over hard earned dollars to pay for their new Aston Martin or month long vacation on Lake Como in Italy.

All one has to do is open a few books and see all there is to investing. If you enjoy throwing money to total strangers and believe they can invest best for you, then enjoy being robbed LEGALLY. If you just opened your eyes to the theft all over today, then you can make a few changes and be your own boss. So, what does one do with their hard earned money?

  • Invest in tax free high interest Municipal Bonds
  • Invest in Exchange Traded Funds to receive conservative returns with very low risk
  • Buy physical bullion in gold, silver, and platinum
  • Do not put all your eggs in one basket (buying one stock) and buy an Index fund invest in all companies in the sector

Wake Up! Control your own destiny! If you rely on LEGAL THIEVES to make you rich, you will not ever be rich. You will always be the same as you are now. The professionals get rich while you lose your one time opportunity to take a month long vacation with your loved ones in Summer. The internet is your one source for guidance and advice. Do your homework or else you get a BIG F on the final exam. Be smart and invest wisely; then you can retire 10 years or more early.


To Your Health…

To your Wealth…

To your Wisdom.

How To Retire 15 Years Earlier And Be A Millionairre

I am sharing a good article from Root Of God. I found it very logical and easy comprehension for any freshman college student. College is the time to start saving and investing. Happy Investing!

To Your Health… To Your Wealth… To Your Wisdom.

The Wall Street Copywriter


Saver Sam’s fraternal twin, Super Saver Samantha, is a slightly more frugal individual. She is a really good saver. Some say she’s a super saver. To appease the retirement gods, Super Saver Sam sacrifices 30% of her hard earned paycheck on the alter of savings, or $18,000 per year into her 401(k) and IRA.

retire early

After taking out investment contributions, Saver Sam is left with $54,000 per year which he spends diligently. Super Saver Samantha only has $42,000 left each year, which she gladly spends in a frugal manner.

Sam and Samantha both want to retire early, and both keep saving toward their goals. As Sam spends $54,000 per year, he must save around $1,543,000 in order to withdraw $54,000 per year to pay for his lifestyle (at a 3.5% withdrawal rate). Samantha, on the other hand, only needs $1,200,000 to fund her $42,000 per year spending habit.

So when can Sam and Samantha reach their retirement goals? Remember Samantha is saving more than Sam each year, so you expect her to save more money and reach her retirement goal sooner.

retire early

Sam does alright. He is on track to meet his savings goal at age 59 with $1,548,339 in his investment portfolio. Then, Sam can retire and live happily ever after to a ripe old age.

Samantha does even better! At the young age of 44, Super Saver Samantha passes the $1.2 million mark and grows her investment portfolio to almost $1.3 million! She will reach her retirement goal a full 15 years before Saver Sam will reach his goal.

Around age 46 or 47, Sam is cruising the internet, looking for his long lost twin sister. Eventually he finds her online profile and the travel blog she started when she retired at 44. Say what?! She spends a month or two each winter snorkeling and surfing in a low key Latin American beachfront community, and lives a generally awesome life. Without working ever again. But that’s impossible for someone her age, isn’t it?!

Slightly more attractive than a cubicle...

Slightly more attractive than a cubicle…

Sam gets a little jealous at this point, but figures Samantha might be able to give him a few tips on how to retire early. Sam and Samantha start comparing notes of their lifestyles over the last couple of decades. They found out they both lived comfortable middle class lifestyles in different parts of the U.S. Sam and Samantha both have decent houses and good cars, but Samantha is just a little more savvy and manages to spend a little less.

Her mortgage and housing costs were around $400 less per month because she bought a slightly smaller house in a slightly less swanky neighborhood. Compared to Saver Sam, Super Saver Samantha saves on average $300 per month by buying reasonably priced sedans instead of the latest luxury models. Samantha also keeps her cars for seven to ten years before replacing them with a new-to-her car. Sam lives it up and leases a beautiful new luxury car  every three years.

Samantha also managed to save an additional $300 per month in taxes by contributing $18,000 per year to her 401(k) and IRA. Go ahead and add up Samantha’s savings each month — $400 on housing, $300 on cars, and $300 on taxes. That’s $1,000 per month or $12,000 per year Samantha managed to save without making major sacrifices. The payoff was retiring 15 years earlier than Sam.

Here is Samantha’s tip to Sam — to be a Super Saver, all Samantha had to give up was a little bit of house, and drive a slightly less new, less flashy car. She didn’t have to reuse dryer sheets, rinse and re-use her plastic sandwich bags, or make her own laundry detergent to retire at 44. Super Saver Samantha simply selected a few areas to be a little more frugal and made some smart choices early on to set her on the path to a very early retirement.

I hope you all enjoyed Saver Sam and Super Saver Samantha’s journeys to retirement! Just remember, spending less not only means saving more, it also means needing a smaller investment portfolio to retire or be financially independent.

The One And Only Way To Stop The Federal Government Spending… And Make Up To 873 %

Usually something that is named the debt ceiling limit should be limiting the debt, correct? Well, common sense does not seem to work in the 21st Century in America. This reminds me of my days before being a teenager and celebrating Halloween. I walk with my mother and younger sister around the neighbor collecting candy bars. It was fun getting free candy to send me off to the dentist next week. But, my mother was quite mean for not spoiling her kids. She gave me a limit on how much junk food I can collect from the neighbors. What a tough life!

Just like my childhood, the Congress needs some serious parenting on how to limit their consumption of your hard earned dollars. In 1917, Congress created a debt ceiling to issue new bonds for our expenditures, such at causing every war since the Holocaust. Before 1917, congress had to vote for each new bond issuance. That was the days of actually balancing the budget.

Going back to the pre-1917 practice (When the Fed was only 3 years old) would limit both taxes and spending. But, there was no FDR “DEAL” or LBJ War On poverty then. Plus, no social security or medicare expenses for elderly and disability. So, can we actually go back to pre-1917 ways with such socialist and Marxist policies today?  This is a unanswered question because of all the ifs involved.

Peterson Institute For International Economics stated the following:

“The bad behavior of Congress in repeatedly failing to pass budget legislation, or to bring the debt ceiling into line with spending, and ultimately explicitly threatening default on U.S. government debt, makes our fiscal politics no better than anyone else’s — and in some ways a lot worse,” he writes in the introduction. “There is no other known example of a solvent democracy flirting with default through sheer political stubbornness.”

There are a few ways to prepare for a debt ceiling crisis:

  1. Do absolutely nothing and hope for cooling down (Like Gambling In Atlantic City)
  2. Sell, Sell, Sell (Panic Mania)
  3. Do not sell, but do hedge your bets (Prepare For The Worst, Hope For The Best)

The one investment people tend to forget about is:

Treasury Bond?  NOPE!

Equity Stocks? NOPE!


Having cash on hold is a great asset to have. When the Dow drops 2 %, you have money to buy stocks at a bargain price. The next couple of days they bounce right back up like a trampoline. The only stocks that can override these political stunts and Federal Reserve actions is high yield paying dividend stocks.

Big blue chips can override all these mini catastrophes in the long run. By from Google to Cocoa Cola to Xerox and leave the money there for 10+ years. Collect the dividends and re-invest the dividends. BINGO! This is how Warren Buffett and Bill gates became billionaires 20 years later from creating corporate empires. you can do the same.

Your money is now working for YOU!


To Your Health…

To Your Wealth…

To Your Wisdom…

The Wall Street Copywriter


From Borscht To Chop Suey: America’s Communist Future

From Borscht To Chop Suey: America’s Communist Future

Source: AP

James and Ellen are going on vacation. They do not want to spend too much on a President’s Day Weekend. So, they look at going to a ski lodge in the Borscht Belt, a vacationing region of the Catskills in Sullivan County. It is just a short one hour drive north of New York City with picture perfect views of nature’s beauty. The Borscht Belt has served for many years as a vacationing hotspot. When Patrick Swayze made the classic movie Dirty Dancing, the Catskills was the place to go for vacationing.

A couple of decades later, The Borscht Belt is just a bunch of empty hotels today thanks to cheap airfare prices since the 1970′s. It is an unsuccessful part of New York State today. To bring back to 1960′s in the Catskills, New York Governor Cuomo has granted over 2,000 acres of land to build a casino, hotels, and an amusement park.  This is great for the Upstate New York economy. It will create jobs and bring tourism back to the Catskills. But, the owner of the land is the Chinese Government.  Chinese Government Granted US Federal Land

What is the Chinese Government doing with building China City north of New York City? Why did President Obama grant this land owned by the Interior Department to the Commies? There are a lot of questions on why President Obama is granted Communist China the right to own our land. The Bank of China sent a team to do a geological survey on the Catskills for natural gas depositories. According to the research done, there is up to $ 5 Trillion worth of deposits. This well more than enough to pay back our debts to China’s ownership of our national debt. Obama Sells Out America To Communist China

This is not the only example of Chinese “economic zones” on US soil. In Boise, Idaho, The Chinese Communist Party is full ownership of China National Machine Industry Corporation (Simomach for short). This is over 50 square miles of land. We already sent hundreds of thousands of jobs to China since the Berlin Wall collapsed. Twenty five years later, Communist China is on our shores and they are not leaving any time soon. China Builds 50 Square Mile Economic Zone In Boise

Everyday I hear people complaining about having no more jobs to pay their mortgage payments and monthly bills. The unemployment problems is not just unemployment problems. If you open your eyes, you will see that wages have shrunk ever since the 2008 Mortgage Crisis, never mind pensions were shrunk or gone. With these new economic zones being created by Communist China, we are in the right direction for living the same style of life as Third World countries. With the help of Communism, The USA will soon become the USSA. We have fought against Communism after WWII. Now we are being transformed into it and no one notices or even cares.

What will America look like in 2020?

Will you have a prosperous career still then?

When will be the next government-assisted economic catastrophe on hard-working Americans?

Only you can answer these questions to get an idea of your foreseeable future. Your comments are welcome and always sharing to open many eyes to the Communist States of America!

To Your Health… To Your Wealth… To Your Future



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