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Q: What is copywriting?

A: Copywriting means writing words for a marketing purpose. Wall Street Copywriter could write  your sales letters, brochures, newsletters, websites, whitepapers, case studies, SEO web analysis,  video scripts and press releases for your company.


Q: What is SEO copywriting?

A: SEO copywriting is defined as Search Engine Optimised copywriting, and is the process of carefully and strategically writing your copy. This ensures it’s keyword specific and also engaging and compelling for the user.  I use software for optimum use of keywords and Google friendly searches.


Q: Is copywriting the same as copyright laws?

A: No, copyright is legal ownership of a document.


Q: What are your copywriting specialties?

A: I specialize in writing sales letters, brochures, white papers, and special reports for B2B companies. Sales letters is my number one product for building customer leads for my clientele.


Q: How much does it cost?

A:I have a very reasonable consulting costs and I always give a comprehensive quote BEFORE we start the project. I will make a contract out for both of us to keep for our records with no surprises at the end. Compared with other New York City area copywriters, my consulting fees are very reasonable.


Q: Do you require a deposit for your projects?

A: Yes, I ask for a 50% deposit on all projects. This is non-negotiable.


Q:What does your price include?

A: My finalized fee includes everything I need to write your copy, plus meeting and chat time, research, writing time, amends and proofreading. One of the things my clients like best about me is my sample of a few lines as an outline to what the final draft would look like. This brings no lack of communication between Wall Street Copywriter and the client.


Q: How many changes can I make to your copy within the cost?

A: Great question! Like I said in the last question, I give an outline of the subject matter. If you agree, I build in the leads, subheads, and headline of the copy. I ask for your second agreement on what the outline looks like. When all is well, I do the final copy that meet or exceed your expectations.


Q: Can you write for my specific industry?

A: Over the years, I’ve worked in investment banking and credit markets around the world. This is why I am The Wall Street Copywriter. I am a specialized content writer in FinTech, Financial Technology. I grew passionate on both sectors from starting my Wall Street career with a well-respected Japanese investment bank in Shanghai and Tokyo.


Q: Can we meet?

A: Face-to-face meetings are not required, unless it is a large project. Thanks to modern technology, we can manage everything over the Internet by phone and Skype.


Q: I’m in another country. Can you still write my copy?

A: Yes! I work for clients around the world, including the USA, Israel, UK, China, Japan, Singapore, plus many more nations!


Q: When the copy is written, can we fiddle with it?

A: As soon as you pay whole 100% of our contract, the copy I have written for you is ALL YOURS. It is up to your marketing department on where to go from there to bring in new leads and B2B customers.


Q: How long will it take to write my copy?

A: It all depends on how much there is to write and how many other projects I have scheduled. A single page sales letter of say 300-500 words could be completed in up to 2 days, assuming all the content is provided with customer analytical information.


Q: Do you also do editing?

A: Yes! Some clients prefer to have their marketing professionals to write their own copy. Then they use my services as editor.


Q: There are so many copywriters in New York City , why should I choose you?

A: Excellent question! You should choose me because, not only because you will find working with me enjoyable and educational, but also you’ll find that my style of writing pushes the emotional buttons for your leads to become clients. A good example of an emotional button is your Monday morning Maxwell House coffee: “Good to the last drop.” Almost a century of this slogan, and they still use it today.


Q: What now?

A: Give me a call or drop me an email via my contact form.  I’m always happy to sip my Maxwell House and have a chat with you on your project. Even if you are not interested in my services, you still will pick up a few pointers on how to push on those emotional buttons.